The Tottenham captain has always been a presence in the middle of the club

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The Tottenham captain has always been a presence in the middle of the club

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The Tottenham captain has always been a presence in the middle of the club. He has played in every game for the club and recorded twelve clear sheets throughout the season. The club didn't have an excellent season, however Lloris performed at a high standard. Lloris remains in his rating , which is 87 in EA Sports FC 24. At the age of 33. Lloris is among the top goalkeepers in the game. He is capable of providing a huge increase to his team. Lloris has stats that include 90 reflexes, diving 88 as well as 84 position and 83 handling.Keylor Navas has consistently been among the best goalkeepers over the last few seasons. Keylor Navas was a major player in Real Madrid's two consecutive Champions League runs. After winning everything at Real Madrid, Navas moved to Paris Saint Germain for a new venture. Despite Navas great performances, the French club was unable to win their league championship to Lille However, his performance didn't slip under the radar , as EA recognized Navas with an improvement in his score. Navas received an increase of 1 point, moving from the 87-88 range to. The stats he has for EAFC 24 Coins include 89 reflexes as well as diving 89. 87 position and handling of 84.

The goalkeeper of the future was an extremely prosperous EURO campaign in Italy which finished the game with a win. Donnarumma was awarded his Player of the Tournament award for his bravery. He also was responsible for securing two penalties during the shoot-out in England. It was difficult to EA to not boost Donnarumma's rating following an incredible summer. The rating was increased from 85 to the 89th percentile. The total is 4 points. The general statistics are 90 reflexes, 91 diving 85 position, and the ability to handle 83. He is also among the players with the highest potential for the game, which makes him a great player to play for any club.

Ederson enjoyed a great season at Manchester City as they cruised to another Premier League title. The Brazilian ended his season on a high with 19 clean sheets collecting his Golden Glove in the process. Ederson is hoping to repeat the form of last year's. After a stellar year, EA decided to up his score by one point, and awarded Ederson an overall score at 89 for FC 24. EA has awarded Ederson an impressive score of 93 when it comes to the field, which is a fair amount considering that he's one of the top kicking players in the world. The goalkeeper stats of Ederson aren't poor either. He has an 88-percentage in position and 88 reflexes to buy Fut 24 Coins. He also has 87 for diving and 82 for handling.

Thibaut Courtois was one the top performers for Real Madrid, which is one of the top clubs around the globe. He demonstrated to the the world that the club paid a lot of money to purchase the goalkeeper from Chelsea. The Belgium goalkeeper is 6'6" and has an overall rating of 90 for FC 24. He is 3* weak in his foot, and is the following strengths: 89 handling as well as 88 reflexes. He also has 86 when it comes to the position of his feet, and 84 when it comes to diving.